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April 2014
Isamu Sasaki takes office as President.
April 2013
The medium-term management plan is launched.
June 2012
The Head Office, and the Saitama, Ukima, and Ibaraki Plants all acquire the ISO 14001:2004 certification for environmental management.
June 2011
Showa Technology International Co., Ltd., is established in Taiwan.
February 2011
A new divisional organization is introduced.
March 2010
SRS receives the Grand Prize of the 13th Itabashi Quality Award.
April 2008
Managing Director Koji Mizukami becomes President; Isamu Sasaki becomes Representative Director and Chairman.
December 2007
The Ukima Plant acquires the ISO 9001 certification.
January 2006
The Saitama Plant acquires the ISO 9001 certification.
April 2004
Managing Director Isamu Sasaki becomes President; Hiroshi Umeda becomes Representative Director and Chairman.
November 2003
The Head Office moves into its new home as part of a full-fledged business expansion. The Saitama Plant is established in Fukaya, Saitama Prefecture.
September 2002
The Chubu Sales Office is established in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture.
June 2001
The Ibaraki Plant acquires the ISO 9001 certification, the international standard for quality control.
April 1998
President Shin Sakuta becomes Chairman; Hiroshi Umeda becomes the new President.
May 1991
The Ibaraki Plant is established in Mitsukaido, Ibaraki Prefecture, and begins mass-production of stainless corrugated pipes.
October 1982
Following the passing away of Takaya Sakuta, Shin Sakuta succeeds as President.
July 1980
SRS is inspected and certified by the Japan Waterworks Association (JWWA).
October 1977
SRS is certified as a Type 1 pressure vessel manufacturer.
March 1972
The Ukima Plant is established in Kita, Tokyo.
June 1965
A sales office is opened in Hiroshima.
August 1961
The Head Plant is established in Itabashi.
June 1960
The company files for incorporation as SRS (Showa Rasenkan Seisasakusho Co., Ltd.), with one million yen in capital.
August 1959
Manufacture of join spiral tubes commences at the Ome Plant.
May 1958
A braiding plant is built in Itabashi.
October 1947
Takaya Sakuta goes into business in Itabashi, Tokyo. His new company is named Sakuta Rasenkan Seisakusho (Sakuta Spiral Pipe Manufacturing).