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President's Message

Since our founding in 1947 we have been the foremost authority on stainless steel bellows. We have adapted to the evolving needs of this market, and as a result of our constant emphasis on R&D, we have earned the trust of our customers through continual technological refinement.

In 2013, marking another milestone in our companyfs history, we announced the facilitation of a new medium-term management plan.

This new vision platforms our brandfs future on unparalleled quality assurance, achieved by extensive retraining of our employees in all areas of management, product design, manufacturing, and sales.

As the chairman of this company, I have striven to nurture an attitude of forward-thinking ambition within my employees. Aided by such an outlook, I hope that my team will usher SRS to yet another half-century of continued technological prowess.

-Chairman Isamu Sasaki