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Automotive Systems

Specialized plants for precision-manufacturing with stainless steel

Automotive Parts-Manufacturing: Craftsmanship for complex, compact components.

The automotive industry has long been a focus and benchmark of our manufacturing capabilities. Today, a mounting concern for the environment and the subsequent surge of ever more stringent vehicle emissions regulations lie against the backdrop of the trend towards greener cars.

As a longtime backbone of the automotive industry, SRS has made its own developments regarding eco-friendly technology. SRS is now the leading Japanese maker of products such as Tube Flex and the EGR Pipe. These components are manufactured with vibration absorption and environmental friendliness in mind, respectively.

Our Automotive Systems are commonly installed along exhaust lines. These products are the result of our expertise on advanced manufacturing methods including hydroforming and bulge-forming, as well as in-house jigs that allow us to create thin-steel small-radius pipes and other complex components. Such technologies are necessary when it comes to producing automobiles that are compact, and also satisfy environmental regulations.


Tube Flex is a component designed for the exhaust systems of medium-to-large-range automobiles. Capable of absorbing engine vibrations in three dimensions, Tube Flex enables quieter and more comfortable cabin spaces to be realized.

Tube Flex features a double-layered construction, with each layer having a thickness of only 0.25mm. This structure allows Tube Flex to exhibit a high performance even within a compact space.


EGR Pipe is designed for use within engine pipelines, and is installed in order to clean exhaust gas by circulating incomplete combustion gas back into the engine compartment.

Manufacturing techniques such as thin steel pipe small radius machining, hydroforming and bulge-forming contribute to the EGR Pipefs compact and simplified joint structure. The result is a product that is adapted to meet the eco-friendly demands of todayfs automobile market.