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Cleaning Systems

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Industrial Cleaning Systems are required machinery in every manufacturing process. It is in order to expand our expertise of products designed with environmental consciousness at their forefront that our company has entered the field of cleaning systems.

In recent years, there have been enforced regulations of certain organic solvents such as trichlene and metachlene based on health concerns arising from these chemicals. The industryfs response has been a focus on water-based cleaning agents, which can act as a replacement for organic solvents.

SRS offers washing machines that can either be order-made to our customersf specifications or selected from a catalogue of standard models. Our team can provide solutions that take into account demands such as ultrasonic, vibration, or microbubble-based Cleaning Systems, as well as budgetary and construction site concerns.

SRS is able to realize manufacturing environments that are both eco-friendly and low-cost while still being reliable.


These machines are designed for the industrial cleaning of components. SRS provides in-house design, manufacturing, and sales of everything from ultrasonic, shower, steam, vibration, and microbubble-based systems, to hybrids of these five solutions.

These products, having passed various regulations concerning organic-solvents and water quality, are a certified eco-friendly solution to our customersf cleaning needs.


Keeping with the times, we offer a large lineup of detergents that are compatible with our washing machines, and are based on water instead of organic solvents, which are capable of negatively affecting the environment.