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Fire Extinguishing & Advanced Manufacturing

Flexible technology for residential safety

Safety and protection provided by bendable products.

Stainless steel is a viable material for fire protection systems due to its durable and corrosion-resistant properties.
In recent years, a rise in urbanization has entailed a development rush to build large commercial enterprises and buildings. In turn, as a reaction to unprecedented media coverage of fires and other preventable accidents, there has been an industry-wide movement to re-examine various public safety codes.

Additionally, recent trends in industry methods have placed an emphasis on faster construction times, a demand requiring products that are both easy to handle and to maintain?qualities conducive to developments involving multiple contractors.

We at SRS offer the fire protection industry our flexible tube technology, meant to be used as a pipeline for sprinkler systems. As a manufacturer with a record of creating reliable, high-quality, and leakage resistant solutions, we hope to contribute our expertise to the improvement of systems designed to save lives during emergencies.

Flexible tubes for fire extinguishing systems

Flexible tubes are designed to be installed on sprinkler systems for automatic fire extinguishment. Our original design and quality manufacturing guarantee both a resistance to water leaks, as well as higher overall safety. Made using SUS316, these hoses are highly durable and resistant to corrosion.

Quality Inspection Requirement for Helium Test: < 1.0~10-9PaEm2/s

Their application in advanced manufacturing systems requires flexible tubes to be effective even in harsh conditions. SRS offers quality assurance of the highest degree, supplemented by state of the art design and manufacturing processes.

Vacuum flexible tubes

Vacuum flexible tubes meet the strict demands for sterility posed by the manufacturers of semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and foods. This is accomplished by the tubesf bellowed construction, which is designed to realize the tubefs ability to act as a sealant.

For this reason, each vacuum flexible tube is subject to a rigorous helium leak test before shipping. Needless to say, vacuum flexible tubes, being made of stainless steel, are both durable and corrosion-resistant.

Teflon flexible tubes

Teflon flexible tubes were originally developed for use as a piping installation for plants that manufacture products such as heavy chemicals, semiconductors and LCDs, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, as well as foods and beverages. A protective wire-braid housing around their outer surface allows these tubes to be non-adhesive as well as highly resistant to chemical, heat, and weather damage. As a result, this product reliably contributes to the overall safety of any workplace.