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Engineering & Product Development

Smart Engineering Team

Design and product development room

At SRS, we have nurtured engineers who are dedicated to innovating solutions based on our in-house flexible technology.

Assembled here is a wealth of expertise and market knowledge, both required in order to best satisfy our customersf needs. The Smart Engineering Team is able to provide for each customer on a situational basis, suggesting a product only after consideration of the installation and costs involved in the project.

As a manufacturer of products used throughout all aspects of the waterworks industry, from residential service pipelines that lie at the end of any piping network, to mainstay components that support the operation of large facilities, our aim is to design products that are both reliable and safe.

In our Product Design Room, we stand by the knowledge that we have gained and the record that we have set through SRSf history.

In recent years, our engineers have been working on Duplex stainless constructions designed to withstand the harsh corrosive environments of pipelines that must carry seawater or be installed in facilities such as chemical plants.

SRS is notable not only for its in-house technology, but also for its in-house manufacturing, assembly, and maintenance.

These capabilities allow us to tackle projects previously deemed impossible, such as complex precision-machining-a field which we have recently shown promise in by using state-of-the-art 3D methods.

In addition, we have adopted new prototyping technologies in the hope of dramatically shortening our product design time.

Engineering department

Our engineers have dedicated themselves to producing the safest and most reliable solutions for our customers. The Engineering Departmentfs wealth of expertise allows our clientsf needs to truly take shape.

Product development department

Our product design department is part of a continuous process of improving and further developing SRSf technology. It has also paved our entry into new fields of technology.

As a manufacturer of stainless bellows, we are an authority on fluid and heat conduction analyses for pipelines.

Every aspect of our manufacturing process, including the specialized machinery we employ, is the result of in-house design, manufacturing, assembly, and maintenance.