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Substations & Plants

A conventional SRS technology used by todayfs world-leading companies

Designed for electrical substations and plants. Brought to life by our craftsmanship.

As a supplier of world-leading electrical substation operators, SRS has sought to earn its clientsf trust through unparalleled quality assurance. Since the companyfs founding, all SRS products have been manufactured in Japan.

Large-scale machinery such as in electrical substations and plant facilities often cause problems for their attached piping, notably at connection points and around pipelines where a combination of heat and vibrations may lead to axial deformations. By installing bellows at these points, such stretching can be absorbed, and both the pipelines and machinery can be kept in optimal conditions.

In recent years, our market has expanded enough to drive us towards the development of products catered to LNG and petroleum upon having been certified under these industriesf regulations.

As our facilities and manufacturing are refined through continued innovation, we at SRS hope to continue to satisfy our customersf needs with high-quality products.

Electrical substations, petroleum, and LNG

Stainless steel expansion joints are designed to protect the connection points of pipelines from structural deformations caused by temperature changes, vibrations, and seismic activity. Aside from absorptive properties, these joints are durable and corrosion-resistant, allowing them to be manufactured for a variety of conditions imposed by fluid, heat, and pressure. These features have proven to be advantageous and necessary in facilities such as petroleum and oil terminals to oil depots.

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Flexible metal hose

A flexible metal hose used as part of the transportation machinery of an LNG terminal.