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Stainless Bellows Technology

Innovation for Waterworks. Proven in Japan.

Since its founding, SRS has offered a variety of solutions to waterworks engineers. The most notable of these is the companyfs in-house stainless bellows technology.

Corrugated Stainless Steel Tube (CSST), utilizing stainless bellows technology, has been used extensively by the Bureau of Waterworks Tokyo Metropolitan Government. CSST has contributed to Tokyo experiencing the lowest Non-Revenue Water (NRW) rate in the world despite the cityfs being located in a highly-active earthquake zone. Having proven its worth in a diversity of environments, CSST is now the de-facto standard for service pipelines.

Many developing countries in the midst of urbanization are beset by soil settlement, a result of rapid infrastructural development. This phenomenon has trailed the unprecedented economic growth and competition existing today among cities throughout Asia.

Stainless bellows technology, whose effectiveness has been tried and tested in Japan, now provides waterworks solutions to these developing infrastructures. It is heralded throughout the industry as a promising technology to meet the demands posed by urbanization.

Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubes/Piping both bendable and leak-resistant.

CSST is a piping product characterized by a flexible bellowed structure. When used instead of jointed assemblies, which are the most susceptible part of any service pipeline, CSST performs as a reliable solution for water leaks.

CSST is made of an anti-corrosive material called SUS316. The bellowed construction of CSST lends a capacity to absorb vibrations, as well as to bend and flex to accommodate displaced soil. In addition, these corrugated pipes can be easily bent by hand, thereby facilitating on-site assembly and cutting construction times and costs.

CSST represents the culmination of SRSf engineering expertise, and is our companyfs flagship product.

Stainless Steel Expansion Joints/Expandable protection for your distribution needs.

Stainless steel expansion joints offer an expandable, earthquake-resistant solution for critical pipelines. These joints feature SRSf in-house bellows technology, which acts as a safeguard against tremors caused by seismic activity. The same construction allows for the absorption of machinery-induced vibrations (a common problem in pumping stations), as well as structural deformations due to heat (occurs along exposed portions of pipeline bridges).

Stainless steel expansion joints offer a package of safety and reliability through water-tightness, displacement-absorption, anti-corrosion, and durability.

Stainless Steel Flexible Tubes/Flexible product, flexible solution. Bend your pipelines past urban obstacles.

Stainless steel flexible tubes were devised to circumvent the difficulties posed by cramped construction conditions (due to preexisting pipelines). They have also proven to be effective against soil settlement.

Despite their large diameters, these tubes can be bent by hand with ease. Thus, they eliminate the technological difficulties that are posed when joining straight and curved pipe sections. By simplifying assemblage, stainless steel flexible tubes reduce the number of joints used in the final installation. The high workability of this product hence translates to enhanced leakage prevention.

Moreover, in recent years, we have endorsed this productfs usage in the new Stainless-Dynamic-Flexible (SDF) tube-sheathing method, which allows old and non-operational pipelines to be reused in a manner conducive to both urban conservation and infrastructural development.